Casino and Slot RTP

A term that you’ll hear a lot of when looking around online casinos is RTP and Wagering. You’ll often find these terms in small print and they usually come with confusing numbers and terms around them, so we’re going to break them down here;

What is RTP

RTP is an acronym for Return To Player. In its most simplistic form, the RTP of a game or slot tells us how much of the money that is put through the game will be returned to the player over its lifetime.

The important word here is ‘lifetime’. A slot with an RTP of 96% will be expected to return 96p of every 100p it takes throughout its lifetime as a real money game, not with every spin.

What this doesn’t mean is that for every £1 a player stakes they will get back 96p every single time. If this was the case we simply wouldn’t play slots because every spin would be a loser.

Slot RTP’s are based over many, many millions or billions of spins – remember a slot machine is hosted on the game providers server and thousands of people could be playing it at the same time. This is the reason you experience swings in the way a slot plays, sometimes the slot will be extremely generous and you’ll get huge wins or many bonus rounds in short succession, other times the slot could appear to be very cold – this is the game balancing out its RTP.

RTP’s are important to a player because it gives you an indication of how the slot will play – slots with low RTP’s will be more difficult to win on so you should always play where the RTP on offer is higher. Casino’s are able to set the RTP they would like a game to play at so remember, even if you play the same game at 2 different casinos, the RTP will probably be different.

Typical slot RTP’s are around the 95% – 97% mark, anything higher than this is considered an excellent RTP, anything lower may be considered a low RTP. Jackpot slots can have very low RTP’s because the slot is compensating a percentage of your stake to the jackpot – Mega Moolah for example has a very low RTP of 88.12%.

To find a slots RTP you would usually look inside the Game Info when the slot has loaded, legally the RTP has to be made available to the player.


One of our favourite casinos, Videoslots, has a very unique and quite brilliant feature on their website called My RTP. At the end of every session, you can check your My RTP section in your account in in real timeit will tell you:

  • Hit rate.
  • The total number of spins.
  • Overall RTP on the account.
  • Their own RTP compared to the game’s theoretical RTP.
  • The biggest win on specific games and the bet placed to achieve that win.

It’s a really great feature as it gives you a full overview of your session in more details than you could ever imagine.